Saturday, March 19, 2016

Hillary Clinton Takes On the Battle Against Zika

Families and children have been at the forefront of the issues Hillary Clinton has confronted for 40 years.  The threats posed by the Zika virus have enormous implications for families and for society at large.  Congressional Republicans have proposed an inadequate response that Hillary contends is senseless and dangerous.  Once again, Hillary Clinton paves the way in front of a crisis and calls for an immediate, robust plan of action.  Five people are left in this presidential race.  One of them is a pioneer, and, as her husband reminds us, a change-maker. 

The Zika virus, which has already spread through South and Central America and the Caribbean, has now infected a number of Americans. It’s a serious disease that risks the long-term health of children. We’ve got to step up as a country and deal with this right now.\


Why does Zika matter? In great part because it’s been linked to microcephaly, a birth defect where babies are born with too-small heads, often leading to severe developmental delays. The heartbreak that microcephaly can cause families is devastating. And babies with microcephaly require a great deal of long-term medical care. That’s something that many families and communities just don’t have the resources to provide.

That’s why we’ve got to stop Zika before it spreads any further.

There is a lot we need to do, and fast. First and foremost, Congress should meet President Obama’s request for $1.8 billion in emergency appropriations to fight Zika. The president asked for this funding over a month ago, but on Saturday, Congress will begin a two-week break without having allocated one penny.

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