Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Hillary Clinton in New York with Rachel Maddow and On the Phone with Anderson Cooper

Rachel Maddow interviewed Hillary at the Apollo today.  When she returned to the studio, she heard about Donald Trump's comment to Chris Matthews about punishing women for abortions which occurred concurrently with Rachel's interview. Rachel then picked up her gear, rounded up her crew, and headed for Hillary's office where Hillary gave her an addendum interview on that subject. Wow!
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Hillary Clinton Retweeted Ali Vitali
Just when you thought it couldn't get worse. Horrific and telling. -H
NEW Trump to : "there has to be some form of punishment" for women who have abortions but he has yet to determine what that should be.
Responding to Rachel Maddow's question about Trump's abortion statement today, Hillary quoted Maya Angleou: "When people show you who they are, believe them."  She called that statement the most outrageous she has heard in a very long time.
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Maya Angelou said: "When people show you who they are, believe them." Trump can try to walk back his words, but we heard him loud and clear.
In the main interview, Hillary said she is returning to Wisconsin, is working hard, and taking nothing for granted.  She hopes, after the primaries, that the party comes together.
Hillary does not understand the argument Bernie poses about delegates and Super Ds.  She said the person with the delegates gets the nomination and hopes Sen. Sanders will join her should she have the winning number.
Hillary said caucuses are an unusual way for states to choose candidates.
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Re: The Republicans and the chaos within, Hillary intends to run against their agenda. She said when you strip it down they are all peddling the same policies from 30-40 years back.
Hillary said Trump has a "different" personality, but then pointed to his proposed policies and said he is not that far off from other. Differences of degree but not kind.  His demonization of groups is not different from much of what that party espouses.  He simply has a different way of expressing these policies.
The fact is, Trump isn't that different from every other Republican candidate who would also outlaw abortion.

Hillary, who has relationships with many world leaders, said several have voiced concerns about Trump's statements and plans. She pointed out that our coalitions depend on getting along with Muslim nations and a strong NATO.  She said we need to take a 360 degree look at how NATO is constructed and funded, but that the organization itself remains important.

Hillary said she will go after Trump on issues.  She said Republicans have not confronted him on issues because they agree with him.
Hillary said she is surprised the primaries will be long. She always expected a contest, and ran her 2008 campaign into June.
She said she understands how people both here and abroad hear Trump and Cruz and feels an obligation to go up against the offensive, dangerous statements.
Rachel asked Hillary whether she would ask Obama to withdraw the Merrick Garland nomination.  Hillary is not comfortable with the question because we have one president at a time and not processing that nomination shuts out all votes cast for Obama in 2012 - including her own.  Her position is to keep the pressure on the Senate to do their job.
Hillary said we need to elect a Democratic Senate. The SCOTUS standoff has made it clear how important this is.
Rachel asked whether the work of the Clinton Foundation and the CGI should wind down while she runs for POTUS.  Hillary finds the work astonishing and would hate to lose that.  She said transparency is the best response.

Transcript of Maddow interview >>>>>

Hillary, during the same prime time hour, called in to Anderson Cooper 360 to speak specifically on Trump's abortion comment.

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There too she said that it is not just Trump but all Republicans who line up together against abortion rights.
The fact is, Trump isn't that different from every other Republican candidate who would also outlaw abortion.
Asked if the Corey Lewandowski incident reflects Trump's attitude toward women, Hillary responded that Trump has been inciting violence.
Asked if whe wants to pivot toward Trump, Hillary said she will remain focused on the primaries but that it is important not to stand silent when Republicans make outrageous statements.
She stated again that the Republicans do not take Trump on about his statements because they agree.
Again she said she is going back to Wisconsin to do all she can there.
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