Thursday, March 10, 2016

Hillary Visits Rachel Maddow ... while the GOP does what the GOP does on CNN

Early on in this primary season, Hillary Clinton paired TV talk show appearances with Republican debate nights.  Her late night debut with Jimmy Fallon onHillary September 16, 2015 coincided with a Republican debate as  did her January visit to the show.  She visited Stephen Colbert in October on the night of a Republican face-off in Boulder.  Tonight she upshifted and appeared with Rachel Maddow while the GOP debate was in progress on another channel!

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Hillary did not really say anything we have not heard before.  She did call out the Trump campaign and Donald Trump on condoning and encouraging violence against protesters. 
< She also specified that should a Trump presidency materialize, she will not leave her country - although she might yell at her TV.

Hillary was followed by Senator Warren who argued strongly and effectively for Congress to do its job and for the Senate to act on the president's nominees.

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