Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Super T3 Hillary Clinton Bringing It ALL Back Home!

President Obama and Lin-Manuel Miranda covered Bob Dylan's hit from this album in the Rose Garden today.

Hillary Clinton, meanwhile, covered the album cover and is bringing it all back home! On the GOP side, h/t to Van Jones, today was "Good-Bye Rubio Tuesday." (Thought we would stay on theme.)

Transcript (in three parts): Part 1  >>>>

Hillary Clinton tells us the next president needs to be ready to:

1 - Make differences in peoples lives:  "Making differences in people’s lives comes first because Americans everywhere are hungry for solutions.  Hard-working Americans deserve a president with both the ideas and the know-how to create good jobs with rising incomes here in the U.S. " —Hillary in FL;

2- Keep us safe: "To be be great, we can’t be small. We can’t lose what made America great in the first place. We’re going to stand up for American workers and make sure no one takes advantage of us—not China, Wall Street, or over-paid executives."

3 -Bring our country together:  "Our next president has to bring our country together. We should be breaking down barriers, not building walls.  If we lift each other up instead of tearing each other down, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish together." —Hillary in FL

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Thank you everybody who donated, made calls, knocked doors, and voted!

Big CONGRATS!!!  Text CONGRATS to 47246 to tell Hillary you’re ready to win this nomination together.  Let's bring this home for Hillary!