Thursday, March 31, 2016

Time is Running Out ... Show Your Hill-thusiasm!

The clock is ticking toward the midnight FEC filing.

Last night in two different prime time interviews, Hillary reaffirmed her commitment to the primary battle.  She needs our help!
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Today, in an email, she said this:
Yesterday, Donald Trump said that abortion should be illegal, and that there must be "some form of punishment" for women who have abortions.
This was one of the most outrageous and dangerous statements I’ve heard anybody running for president say -- and we cannot risk letting someone with those kinds of extreme views win the White House.
The stakes in this election couldn’t be higher. Right now, women have a constitutional right to abortion under Roe v. Wade. Trump said he would​ take away that right, and would criminalize women's reproductive health decisions.
We’re outraged -- and we should be. Any insinuation that Trump’s statement doesn’t deserve a reaction demonstrates a lack of appreciation for how serious this is.
Maya Angelou said, "when someone shows you who they are, believe them." Once again, Trump has shown us who he is.  I have no intention of letting him or any of the Republicans become president and take women’s rights away.
If you're with me, chip in $5 before our critical midnight deadline to say you’re ready to win this fight together:
Speaking with Rachel Maddow last night, Bernie Sanders said the solution to such outrageous statements from Donald Trump was for the media not to cover these comments!  This is absurd, foolhardy, and unrealistic magical thinking.  It is no solution at all.  Trump made the statement in an interview broadcast on live TV!

If anything could be as outrageous as Trump's comments, it would be the expectation of a media blackout on Trump's more offensive and dangerous remarks. 

Clearly only one person understands the battleground, the weapons, and the tactics and only one person is prepared to lead the troops against a treacherous threat to our freedoms.

That person is Hillary Clinton.

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Hillary understands that we are not fighting one oddball opponent but rather an entire party with consolidated policies.

They have said we lack enthusiasm.  We know that is not true!  Let's show them all that we know who the best leader is and we are vigorously and wholeheartedly behind her! 

Please chip in whatever you can before the midnight filing.  Let's show Hillary that we are on her side and understand the stakes.  Let's give her what she needs to fight off the opposition as only Hillary knows how to do!

Chip in!  Show your Hill-thusisasm! >>>>>

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