Sunday, May 8, 2016

A Heartfelt Mother's Day Thank You from Hillary Clinton

I am sure, if you were among those who signed Hillary's Mother's Day card, that you have already received your personal thank you note from her. It is so sweet. I cannot resist sharing it.
I just got the Mother’s Day card that thousands of people signed, including you! I really loved it, and I appreciated that so many of you took time to send me good wishes.
Today, I’m thinking a lot about my mom, Dorothy. She had a tough childhood, sent away by her parents and working to support herself as a housemaid by the time she was 14. Despite not always having the support she needed, she found a way to become an amazing, supportive mother to my brothers and me. I remember one summer, my brother wanted to dig a hole to China, and he worked at it every day -- every so often, my mother would hide a chopstick or fortune cookie in the hole to make him think he was getting there.
Some of you shared stories about your mothers this week, and many of them struck a chord: Juanita from Florida talked about working alongside her mom, who was a farmworker, and listening to her talk about the importance of a good education. Today, Juanita has a PhD.
Sylvia from Texas told me that her mother started working as a nanny when she was just 12, much like my mom. Now, with her mother’s support, Sylvia is getting ready to go to college.
It’s been almost five years since we lost my mother, and I’m grateful every day for how she shaped my life, and how much she taught me about how to be a good mom to Chelsea. I hope she’d be proud of this campaign, of our work to break down the barriers that hold Americans back, and of our focus on building a world filled with love and kindness.
I’m looking forward to spending time today with my wonderful daughter and granddaughter -- I hope you get to see some people you love, too. At its core, that’s what this campaign is about: making life better for the people we love. I’m so grateful you’re a part of this. I know we’re going to do great things together.
Thank you again,
Just my opinion, Hillary, but I am certain that your mom is watching your campaign with love and enormous appreciation for your tremendous, selfless effort in this campaign to break down barriers and make love and kindness the core of policies going forward.  Have a wonderful day with your lovely family!