Friday, May 27, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Community Event in Oakland

Hillary met with community leaders, including Mayor Libby Schaaf, in Oakland today to discuss a wide range of issues.  Hillary praised community efforts to support post-secondary education aspirations for young people.  Other campaigns tout their massive rallies.  Hillary Clinton, meanwhile, has steadfastly continued to integrate small group meetings into her schedule.  Rather than being the one doing all the talking, at these events Hillary gets a chance  to listen.   She hears from the voters about their specific needs and challenges, and she hears from leaders about models that are effective in meeting those challenges.

Big rallies are exhilarating.  Certainly it is a thrill to hear an inspirational speaker like Hillary Clinton. Much of what Hillary says at rallies is based on what she hears from voters in these small, round-table meetings. Her plans are rooted in their challenges and solutions she puts forth to meet them.  Today’s event was held at the Home of Chicken and Waffles where she greeted the workers.

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