Thursday, May 26, 2016

Hillary Clinton is Ready for Trump in San Jose

It was a pre-primary rally at San Jose's Parkside Hall where California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom introduced Hillary. But Hillary made it very clear that she knows who her opponent is and went right to work on Donald Trump who clinched the GOP nomination today.  She cannot wait to debate him and went straight into the issues and all the plans she has. Hillary went after Trump on both domestic and foreign policy issues.  She was passionate, fierce, informed, and armed to the teeth with facts.  Hillary Clinton is ready for Donald Trump!  (Side note:  Trump said today that he wants to debate Bernie Sanders.  Can't blame him.  Hillary is gonna eat his lunch.)

May 26, 2016
Hillary Clinton Campaign Event in San Jose, California Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton spoke to supporters at a campaign event in San Jose, California.
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