Saturday, May 21, 2016

Why Pre-Emptive Blackouts Are a Bad Idea

Calling for a weekend blackout on posts about Bernie Sanders has had the predictable result.  Knowing that Hillary's Facebook groups are set to avoid talking about him freed him up to make outrageous statements about Hillary that may or may not garner him votes in the upcoming final Super Tuesday primaries but certainly provide Republicans with fodder.  At his point, when Sanders has no chance of gaining on Hillary, disparaging her is self-serving at best, but helpful to the Republicans at worst.
Bernie Sanders claims he is staying in to push for his issues.  Fine.  Then that is what he should do.  Personal attacks on the certain nominee should be off the table.  Calling a member of your own party 'evil' absolutely should be.  For shame!

 On the other side of the aisle, Trump is misrepresenting Hillary's position on guns and the Second Amendment.
There is enough incoming from Donald Trump and the Republicans.  It is time for Bernie to concentrate on his holy crusade of issues or get out.  Read the issues Hillary cites and the plans she has to address them here >>>>


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