Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Hillary Clinton in Athens Ohio

Hillary's Appalachia tour brought her to Athens OH today where she addressed an audience at Jackie O's Production Brewery accompanied by Sherrod Brown.

On Breaking Down Barriers Tour Through Appalachia, Hillary Clinton Pledges to Fight for All Americans as President

This afternoon, Hillary Clinton spoke about her plans to raise incomes and expand opportunities for Appalachian families facing stark challenges: the lowering demand for coal; chronic outsourcing by American companies and a nationwide opiate epidemic on her 'Breaking Down Barriers Tour.'  During a speech in Athens, Ohio, she renewed her pledge to being everyone's president even if they don't support her.

Hillary Clinton, is committed to focusing on the aspirations and needs of families in the region that powered America in the 20th century, and has proposed a $30 billion plan to aid Coal Country and a $10 billion plan to fight drug addiction.  The Breaking Down Barriers Tour’ included stops in Ashland, Kentucky; Williamson, West Virginia; Charleston, West Virginia; and Athens, Ohio, where Clinton heard directly from coal miners, transportation and power plant workers, their families and their communities.

The transcript of Clinton’s remarks as delivered >>>>

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