Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Going to Blazes: Republicans Turn a Corner onto #ImWithHer Street

In a week when we lost Fr. Daniel Berrigan of the Catonsville Nine, more conflagration.
Father Berrigan, right and his brother Philip Berrigan seized hundreds of draft records and set them on fire with homemade napalm in 1968. Credit United Press International
You may remember that in February, former New Jersey governor Christine Todd Whitman, once touted as a possible presidential candidate herself, followed current NJ Gov Chris Christie's endorsement of Donald Trump with this declaration:
... she says she’s planning to vote for Hillary Clinton if Trump gets the nod. She’s keeping her options open, in case we find out something new and horrible about Hillary.
But that’s her plan now:
“You’ll see a lot of Republicans do that,” Whitman told me. “We don’t want to. But I know I won’t vote for Trump.”
The morning after a not-so-Super Tuesday with only one measly primary (I don't mean Indiana is measly, I mean a single primary does not a Super Tuesday make), everyone woke up at the bottom of the rabbit hole with a big "eat me" note signed by Donald Trump.

#ICYMI Donald Trump won the Indiana primary yesterday after, based on a National Enquirer report, casting Ted Cruz's father, Rafael, as a kind of Zelig/Forrest Gump character allegedly seen close to Lee Harvey Oswald in a photo.  N.B. Lee Harvey Oswald was the purported "single actor" in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.  Prior to 11/22/63 Oswald spent some time working for the "Fair Play for Cuba" coalition in New Orleans and hung with some Cuban refugees at the time.

Outrageous as the story appeared, not to mention the absurdity of a presidential candidate citing the National Enquirer as a source, it not only dominated the news all day yesterday but also served its purpose in that Cruz swallowed the bait and addressed it in a news conference rather than brushing it off as farce.  In the wake of his resounding loss in Indiana last night, and, some speculate, the shady attack on his father, Cruz suspended his campaign last night leaving Trump as the presumptive GOP nominee.

Then came the dawn ... and the inferno.

Republicans burn registration cards and rally behind the #nevertrump campaign as lifelong GOP voters prepare to support Hillary Clinton in a bid to block Trump

  • Republicans are burning their voter cards and rallying behind #nevertrump
  • The billionaire business mogul is now the GOP's presumptive candidate
  • But he remains deeply unpopular with swathes of the party elite and voters
  • Many Republicans are planning to vote for the Democrats to keep him out
A number of disappointed Republicans have torched their voter cards and declared support for the #nevertrump campaign after the billionaire businessman clinched the party nomination following Ted Cruz's resignation.
Such is the resentment towards Trump, many are now readying themselves to vote for the Democrats despite being lifelong Republican supporters.
Photographs of them burning their voter registration cards have appeared on social media, while others Breaking newssay they are prepared to vote for Hillary Clinton.
Until a short while ago, the Mathematical Impossibles, Bernie Sanders (who won IN by a small margin but has a snowball's chance in a bonfire of being nominated) and John Kasich remained.  Breaking news is that Kasich will hold a presser from Columbus, OH at 5 pm EDT and will also sing his swan song.

In other news, the New York Times reported yesterday, on our first U.S. climate refugees in Louisiana having to evacuate their ancestral home for higher ground - or rather for ground - as their island is slowly being inundated.  Today, the New York Times reports, an entire town in Alberta CA is also under evacuation due to "apocalyptic" wildfires.  Climate change disaster is already upon us.  It is biblical. Floods and combustion abound and one viable candidate remaining has a plan for climate change and a long history of battling it

Hillary Clinton steadfastly maintains that she is not the one to tell Bernie Sanders to suspend his bid since she remained into June 2008.  But, clearly, there are issues.  Hillary is the candidate with the concrete, pragmatic plans.  Even Republicans are flocking to her.

John Kasich, saying his heart is not in this, is listening to his party leadership and exiting. Bernie Sanders, while he runs under the Democratic Party banner, should also withdraw at this point.  It was never his party to begin with, and the stakes are too high for grandstanding.

Disaffected Republicans are not feeling the Bern.  They are burning their Republican registration cards and grabbing the one sensible hashtag: #ImWithHer.  Hillary is the revolution. Bernie is too myopic to see it. He should do his part in the #NeverTrump movement and move aside so that Hillary Clinton can adjust her focus to the real threat: A Trump White House.

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