Thursday, May 19, 2016

Hillary Clinton with Chris Cuomo

Hillary spoke live on CNN this afternoon with Chris Cuomo.

Welcoming Cuomo to her hometown, Park Ridge Illinois, Hillary first addressed the EgyptAir crash, apparently a terrorist attack, and reinforced her three-pronged approach to fighting terrorism.

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Asked whether things are better or worse than when Obama took office, she cited progress but emphasized that it is important with the immigrant waves, to get European countries on board with security measures that are stronger.

Re: Donald Trump - Hillary said he says harmful things   e.g. barring Muslims. She said his approach is provocative, wrong-headed (e.g. praising the head of North Korea, criticizing our ally, letting other countries have nuclear weapons, pulling out of NATO), and potentially dangerous.

She said we have been effective in killing the head of ISIS and cutting off funding to them, but the entire world is listening to what Trump says.  She said that his statements disqualify him.  The statements are not off the cuff.  It is a pattern.

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Asked about the Nevada convention incident, Hillary said she was very disturbed by what she saw, but she has confidence that the party will unify based on the intensity in 2008. She said both she and Bernie Sanders are following the same rules.  Hillary said she was closer to Obama's numbers by this point in 2008, and 40% of her supporters said they would not support Obama.  She said the differences between her and Sanders are minimal compared to their differences with Trump.

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Should she reach out to Sanders?  She said she has done that many times, and he must do his part.  In 2008 she did her part and so did Barack Obama.  She pointed to the Unity NH trip.

She takes Sanders at his word that he will fight against Trump. She said she will not get into naming a VP pick and said Trump will bring them together.

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She said again that she is not running against Trump but for the issues she is advocating.  Trump can say what he wants but Hillary thinks people want to know what the candidates will do.

Despite the fact that Trump is getting votes, Hillary pointed out that she is getting more votes.  She said she is not worried about what Trump says about her.  She is used to it.  She will go after what he says about other people (e.g. making fun of a disabled person). She does not feel compelled to defend her honor or her husband's.

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On the path forward: The party will unify.  There will be discussion.  She will do her part to bring Sanders supporters in and then they will campaign against Trump with a strong compelling case to the American people.

Hillary feels optimistic about the country.  She said the next president must:
1. Provide positive results;
2. Protect America;
3. Unify the country.   Hillary believes she can do all three.

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What does she think her mom would tell her to do facing trump in this election? She said her mom taught her always to get back up and dust yourself off when you are facing a bully. Her mom taught her resilience and the power of love and caring. If you are putting yourself in the public arena, everything is increased. Hillary feels she is the recipient of so much from her family and country. She said we are great.  If we work together we can stay great.

It was a good interview. Pivot completed as far as I can see.

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