Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Hillary Clinton Live from Chappaqua with Anderson Cooper: "Loose Cannons Tend to Misfire"

In the wake of Donald Trump's victory last night, Hillary sat down at home in Chappaqua with Anderson Cooper.

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Hillary said Trump's victory was clear for a long time.  She said she has seen the presidency from two different perspectives and knows what it takes.  She took on Trump's stances:
1. It is OK for other countries to have nukes;
2. Wages are too high;
3. Women should be punished for abortions.
Hillary portrayed Trump as a loose cannon who has said many things, e.g. Climate change is a hoax, and said  "Loose cannons tend to misfire."
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Hillary said she is ready and has been in the arena for 25 years.  She is not running against Trump. She is running for president on the issues she has campaigned.
Hillary said Republicans did not raise issues because they agreed with him.  They were trapped and could not run on issues.  She can. She said that if he wants to argue against peace and prosperity she will argue 22 million jobs created since 2009 and will take that on.

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Asked about Trump's use of the media, Hillary said that grand statements and accusations are one thing, but when you are running for president you have to tell people what you are going to do and how you are going to do it.  It is not enough to call in and get a media platform.
Asked about Trump's attacks on her trade agreement history, Hillary said, "I am against bad trade agreements and have voted against them"
Hillary said  it is time to get serious. Being a loose cannon does not exempt him from the hard questions.
Cooper brought up Trump the counter-puncher.  Hillary said he is the one who chose that path and is running the negative, aggressive, bullying campaign.

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Hillary is going to keep being specific.  Anyone who has listened to Trump knows who he is.
Re: Trump putting coal miners back in the mines, Hillary cited her $30 billion plan for coal country.
Is Hillary ready for the kind of fight Trump will mount? Arguably a National Enquirer tabloid fight?  " If he wants to go back to the 1990s let him."
She said he GOP did not know how to run against him and now invites Republicans and Independents to get off the blue and red teams and  onto the American team.

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Hillary said she has confidence, is optimistic, and has been consistent.  She will do all she to  can to even the odds for those who have with the deck stacked against them.
She is not calling herself the presumptive nominee.  She has been in Bernie's shoes but could not close the gap in 08. The gap now is far wider than the 08 gap.  She is counting on Bernie to help defeat Trump.
As for a Veep choice, she will be looking for someone who is ready to be POTUS at a moment's notice. She will find  a good partner but also a good POTUS.

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