Sunday, May 1, 2016

Hillary Clinton Keynotes 61st Annual NAACP Fight for Freedom Fund Dinner

Hillary spoke at the NAACP Fight for Freedom Fund Dinner in Detroit this evening.

Hillary Clinton Delivers Remarks at the Detroit NAACP Annual 61st Dinner

At the Detroit NAACP Annual 61st Dinner Sunday night, Hillary Clinton highlighted her plans to break down barriers that hold Americans back. Clinton plans to reinvest in communities and provide more affordable housing in order to help cities like Detroit compete in the 21st century. Clinton also addressed the other barriers Americans face, such as systemic racism and the pay gap between men and women.
The transcript of Clinton’s remarks as delivered >>>>

“Let America ‘be that great strong land of love.’ That is more than poetry…that’s a prayer.” —Hillary quoting Langston Hughes
“Race still plays a significant role in determining who gets ahead in America and who gets left behind." —Hillary
"Something’s wrong when the median wealth for black families is just a tiny fraction of that for white families." —Hillary
“Something’s wrong when so many black parents are burying their children.” —Hillary
We should be making it easier to vote, not harder. The attacks on voting rights have to end.
Health care. Education. Criminal justice. Equal pay. Tackling racial injustice means tackling them all:
"Systemic racism, inter-generational poverty, gun violence—these aren’t somebody else’s problems. These are our problems." —Hillary
"We cannot let Barack Obama’s legacy fall into Donald Trump’s hands." —Hillary
"Let’s keep going together. Let’s organize and mobilize. Let’s make sure that love trumps hate." —Hillary
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