Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Interview with Andrea Mitchell from West Virginia

In coal country, Hillary sat down with Andrea Mitchell to explain her $30 billion plan for transition from carbon fuels to clean energy.  Speaking on MSNBC from West Virginia, she stressed the need for safety and protection of health care for miners.

Asked about Donald Trump's remarks about her, she said women recognize those comments.  Hillary said she will be the voice for women and for every group he attacks. Hillary noted that her remarks about men who "go off the reservation" were in reference to Rudolph Guiliani and Rick Lazio who ran against her an also to Vladimir Putin who blamed her for unrest in Russia. She said she will not respond to every attack from Trump.  She then immediately turned her focus to Trump's foreign policy statements which provides an indication that her strategy going forward will remain consistent with her strategy all along.  In a morass of personal mudslinging from no matter whom, Hillary Clinton will pivot to issues.

As for comments from the Sanders camp, she said he has every right to finish the cycle and told Andrea she would have to ask Bernie about his recent inconsistencies in tone.

Hillary doubled down on her stand that we should first stick to the current standard of putting out tax returns before initiating a new standard, paid speeches, that only she is being held to.  She said Trump has made more money on speeches than she.

Finally, Hillary spoke of the epidemic of opiate addiction. An event she held earlier centered on that topic.

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