Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Audacity of Hypocrisy

Donald Trump's metric for America's greatness is his own personal wealth.  He will not release his tax returns.  We have no idea what he is really accruing, but we know what he is worth.
The year before the mortgage crisis in 2007, Donald Trump actually said he was rooting for a crash:
"I sort of hope that happens," Trump said, "because then people like me would go in and buy" in an attempt to profit.
More than 5 million Americans lost their homes during the mortgage crisis, and more than 9 million Americans lost their jobs in the economic crash that followed. Responsible Americans did everything they could to help bring this country back from the depths of the Great Recession -- no one who hoped to profit from the wreckage is fit to serve as president.
Watch this video to hear what Trump said before the crisis, then share it with everyone you know:
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In 2008, John McCain famously said "the fundamentals of the economy are strong" on the very day the entire financial system looked to be collapsing in on itself. It was a huge moment that showed millions of Americans he wasn't prepared to lead a country in recession.
But at least all McCain did was misjudge the situation -- not actively root for chaos and collapse in order to profit from it.
We expect our president to fight for middle-class Americans. Trump has made it clear that he's willing to throw families under the bus in an attempt to make a buck. That’s not just disappointing, it’s disqualifying.
Donald Trump said he saw exactly what was happening -- and made it clear that he was excited to cash in.
How cruel do you have to be to actually root for a crisis that would devastate millions of families, all to pad your own pockets?
This wasn't an anomaly for Trump. His economic plan helps millionaires and hurts middle-class families. He'd let Wall Street run wild again.
Trump prioritizing his own gain over Americans' well-being isn't new, but it is telling: The only person he'll fight for is himself.
In Trump’s world, a “good result” means Trump gets his and working families get hurt. We're better than that.
Hillary Clinton Retweeted Alexandra Jaffe
Trying to profit off of people losing their homes isn't the "kind of thinking our country needs."
We need a president who's fighting to raise incomes for all Americans, not one who tries to profit at their expense.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch ... Bernie Sanders, whose grasp of the concept of rules is tenuous at best and who can never admit when he has lost a close one, made his own agenda pretty clear.  When he lost Iowa he called it "a tie," and again today he used that term for the Kentucky result.  Update: The hypocrite who complains about money in politics is about to cost the taxpayers of Kentucky more money.  Bernie plays it fast and loose with dollars. He yells about them a lot but he also throws them around - -  in this case it is money that is not his, so why should he care?

Bernie Sanders Wants KY Recanvass Over 1 Delegate

Bernie Sanders’s campaign has requested a recanvass of Kentucky’s Democratic presidential primary, asking state election officials to review all voting machines and absentee ballots. Sanders trails Hillary Clinton by just 0.5 percent in the state—roughly 2,000 votes—but both candidates were given 27 delegates. The recanvass, however, will only determine how one delegate is allocated.
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He also wants a say in Hillary's cabinet picks. It does not work that way.  We have, as Hillary has said many times, one president at a time.  Nowhere has it been established that runners-up get this kind of clout simply for having run.

Is your head spinning yet? For the record, particularly to Don Lemon at CNN, talking about Trump's comments on the mortgage crisis is not mudslinging.  Trump is slinging mud.  Hillary is talking about a precedent of his that affected millions.

In other news, Hillary visited a community center today where she listened to advocates for change in the foster care system.  I know. She doesn't have the big rallies at stadiums.  She talks to little groups.  She keeps her nose to the grindstone, and that is sooooo boring of her.

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