Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A Message from Hillary Clinton

I wish tonight had gone differently.
But I know what it's like to be knocked down -- and I've learned from long experience that it's not whether you get knocked down that matters. It's about whether you get back up.
I'm ready to keep fighting, starting right now. If you're with me, chip in $5.
Every day of my life, I try to practice what's been called "the discipline of gratitude." I try to be grateful for not just the good things -- that's easy -- but for the hard things, too. Our struggles make us stronger -- they give us a chance to reach beyond our grasp.
I'm so grateful tonight. I'm grateful for the thousands of volunteers and organizers who've worked their hearts out for this campaign, calling neighbors and knocking on doors.
I'm thankful for the 700,000 people and counting who've given to this campaign, the vast majority giving less than $100. I know that doesn't fit with the narrative -- there are those who want to deny the passion and purpose you all show every day for this campaign.
But that's not going to work. You're the reason we're here. You're the reason we're going to win this nomination and win this election.
The stakes are too high for us to let a single loss stop us in our tracks. America's facing a lot of challenges, but I believe with all my heart that we can rise to meet them.
We can break through the barriers that hold people back -- we can unleash the talent and potential of all our people. And when we do, there will be no limit to what this country can achieve.
It starts with you. We've got 14 contests in the next three weeks, and with you by my side, I'm ready to take them on and win.
Chip in $5 if you're ready, too:

Thank you,