Thursday, February 25, 2016

Hillary Clinton: "Donald Trump is no joke." Show Hillary that you are with her!

Here is an email from Hillary about Donald Trump, the GOP, and tonight's debate.
Friends --

Tonight, the Republican candidates will gather for another debate -- with Donald Trump now the clear frontrunner, we're likely to hear even more desperate attacks and extreme ideas than usual. (And that's saying something!)

I'm ready to do what it takes to stop them from winning the White House, but first, I need to win this nomination.  Are you with me?
I've said for a long time that Trump isn't a joke, and now, he's looking more and more likely to be the Republican nominee. The man who riles up his crowds by calling Mexican-Americans criminals and suggesting Muslims should be banned from entering this country has limitless resources to run his campaign -- and he also has a lead in the delegate count.

I promise you that I will fight to make sure he never becomes president. With just two days to the South Carolina primary and five days left until Super Tuesday, your support has never been more critical to this campaign's success -- and with Trump having won three of the GOP's first four contests, it's never been more critical that this campaign succeed.
Chip in  $5  right now, and let's make sure we win this nomination:

Thank you,