Monday, February 29, 2016

How YOU Can Help Hillary on Super Tuesday

This came in an email from the campaign.  We all can do something to help Hillary win tomorrow - even if we don't live in a Super Tuesday state.
How you can help win Super Tuesday for Hillary:
Tomorrow is Super Tuesday, and we need you to help Hillary win big.
A quick recap on what makes Super Tuesday so super:
  1. There are primaries and caucuses in over a dozen states
  2. There are more than 800 delegates on the line. (For comparison’s sake, there were 156 pledged delegates at stake in the first four states.)
Odds are, you know someone who will be voting or caucusing on March 1st, so before they make their voices heard in this election, Hillary’s counting on you to remind them where we stand on key issues.
This isn’t a single-issue country -- it’s going to take a leader with vision and a plan to tear down all the barriers that hold American families back. Hillary is that leader. There’s a lot to cover, so we’ve put together a quick guide for you to share that highlights Hillary’s plans on everything from gun violence prevention to health care.
Will you find your friends and make sure they know what’s at stake before polls close on Super Tuesday? I know Hillary can count on you:

Count me in

Marlon Marshall
Director of State and Political Engagement
Hillary for America