Monday, February 8, 2016

NH Primary Eve: Here's how you can help Hillary Clinton tonight!

I did this and found that all my NH friends are already strongly committed to Hillary.
1 day to New Hampshire!
How you can help win New Hampshire for Hillary:
Here we go -- tomorrow is the New Hampshire primary, and we need to make sure EVERY last Hillary supporter in the Granite State turns out to vote. The most effective way to convince someone to vote is a personal request from a friend or family member -- that's where you come in.

Here's your mission for today: Go on Facebook and ask your friends in New Hampshire to vote for Hillary and confirm their polling locations.

You can find your friends who live in New Hampshire by clicking here -- then tag them in your post or share our polling place locator directly on their Facebook walls:

If you don't have any Facebook friends who live in New Hampshire, that's okay! Post the link above and ask your friends to share it with their friends who live in New Hampshire -- you can make a huge impact.

Thanks for your help -- let's do this!



Marlon Marshall
Director of State and Political Engagement
Hillary for America

P.S. Got 20 minutes to spare today? We still need more folks to call New Hampshire voters! Just three calls will make a big difference -- click here to get started.