Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Hillary Clinton in Harlem

At the Schomburg, with Mayor DeBlasio,  Governor Cuomo and Eric Holder onstage, Charlie Rangel introduced Hillary saying, "We will be able to say we were there when it happened."

Hillary: "It is not enough to break up the big banks." She enumerated the markers of systemic racism - from mass incarceration to health issues like asthma rates and infant mortality and then unrolled a comprehensive agenda.

Among the items on this agenda: Jobs creation, support for Black entrepreneurs, especially women, equal pay for equal work, raising the minimum wage, providing access to home ownership and pre-school. In education: desegregating schools, and making college affordable.

Her job plan will combat recidivism due to long term unemployment when those who have paid their debt are released.

In schools, overreliance on suspensions and expulsions as well as police presence in schools will be addressed  to end the school to prison pipeline. Support will be provided for guidance counselors, school psychologists an social workers.

Among her comments:

"I actually tell you what I want to do. I think that's my job."

Coded racial language about President Obama comes from Republicans.  "As if he's not the 'real' president.  He has the right to nominate under the Constitution and the Senate has the duty to vote on the nomination."

Hillary will appoint justices who see the Constitution as a blueprint for progress.

"We can't start building relationships a few weeks before a vote."

"Hold me accountable."

"None of this is a they problem.  It's a we problem.  It's an American problem."
"We need to try to walk in one another's shoes."

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  • "When we come together—all of us—with a sense of shared purpose and shared humanity, we can solve any problem and heal any divide." —Hillary

  • "We need to recognize our privilege and practice humility, rather than assume that our experiences are everyone’s experiences." —Hillary

  • "White Americans need to do a better job of listening when African Americans talk about the seen & unseen barriers that you face every day."

  • "Ending systemic racism requires contributions from all of us—especially those of us who haven’t experienced it ourselves." —Hillary

  • "Let's roll up our sleeves and get to work dismantling the school-to-prison pipeline...We need a cradle-to-college pipeline." —Hillary

  • "We need to fix the crisis of mass incarceration...and end the epidemic of African Americans being killed by police or dying in custody."

  • "We need end-to-end reform in our criminal justice system—not half-measures, but a full commitment with real follow-through." —Hillary

  • "I’ll be the first to admit...I’ve made my own mistakes; I've walked my own journey. But I believe with all my heart that we can do better."

  • Anyone asking for your vote has a responsibility to grapple with reality—to see things as they actually are, not just as we want them to be.

  • "These are not only problems of economic inequality. They are problems of racial inequality. We’ve got to say that loudly and clearly."

  • "These inequities are wrong, but they’re also immoral. ... We have to begin by facing up to the reality of systemic racism." —Hillary

  • "Something’s wrong when black kids get arrested for petty crimes but white CEOs get away with fleecing our entire country." —Hillary

  • "We face a complex set of economic, social, and political challenges. They’re intersectional, reinforcing, & we’ve got to take them all on."

  • It’s not a coincidence that the Flint water crisis was allowed to happen in a largely black, largely poor community.

  • "I want to talk about how we break down barriers that disproportionately affect African Americans, & build ladders of opportunity." —Hillary

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