Friday, February 5, 2016

Join GOTV for HRC!

If you are listening to Bernie make promises without plans in New Hampshire right now, maybe you feel frustrated.  Here is something you can do to help Hillary, who does have the practical plans.She will not overpromise and underdeliver.
There's no part of a campaign I love more than Get Out The Vote -- or GOTV. In the final few days before an election, you turn the intensity WAY UP to turn out as many voters as possible to help your candidate win. And you find out what your team's really made of as you try.

We know that Bernie's campaign is raising more money than ours, and he's outspending us on TV in New Hampshire by an even wider margin than he did in Iowa. With the race this tight, it's more important than ever that we reach as many voters as possible before New Hampshire heads to the polls this Tuesday.

Will you join our GOTV for HRC team? Add your name to sign up, and I'll be in touch with easy, specific ways you can help fight for Hillary in New Hampshire and beyond.

I know that sometimes it can be a little intimidating to root for Hillary on Twitter and Facebook. But you're not alone -- this whole team's got your back. Let's make sure the folks who are going to cast their ballots in New Hampshire feel us rooting for them, too.

So let's go! Please believe that we're going to make a difference to win this nomination for Hillary, and we need your help to do it:
I want to help



Marlon Marshall
Director of State and Political Engagement
Hillary for America