Thursday, February 4, 2016

Hillary Clinton at the CNN Democratic Town Hall in New Hampshire

Hillary was at the top of her game this evening. She was authentic, direct, honest, and very relaxed, open, and flexible. No she cannot promise she will never ever use military intervention, but she will always pursue diplomatic solutions first. If your daughters feel the Bern, good for them for being interested and involved. Maybe they can spend a little time learning about Hillary's history. End of life issues - yes she will study the issues and the results where in communities where assisted suicide is permissible. She gave a similar answer for medical marijuana.

She went Bernie Sanders one better by stating that she will not go after big banks alone but also after giant corporations that try to skirt the laws.

Is there a right-wing conspiracy? The answer was more of a question: Is it still a conspiracy if everybody knows about it?

Is she a progressive? Rather that assigning or accepting labels, she laid out plans.

She hit every question out of the park. They only have one team up there and she hit them all over the Green Monster.

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In the clarity of the morning, and after the post mortems last night and this morning, a few thoughts.

1. I signed on to do grassroots social media and am committed to that. So I think, as now there are added debates, we can use some acronyms. From now on, the Iraq War vote should be #IWV; Goldman Sachs Speeches should be #GSS; SuperPACS just #SPs. It makes typing easier and conserves Twitter characters.
2. We need to agree that name-calling is inappropriate and off the table. It is not allowed on elementary school playgrounds. There is nothing wrong with being a moderate. The party is not named the Progressive Party. It is the Democratic Party, and I do not see Hillary questioning Bernie's Dem creds. He needs to stop questioning her progressivism.
3. This needs to be about what you will do, how you will do it , and how you will finance it - not about labels. In a Town Hall format, the question should come up only once and then move on to other questions. Once the moderator had raised the #IWV, there was no reason for that question again from the audience.

 I say this in advance of the MSNBC debate tonight which is being "moderated" by two people whose "moderate" creds are questionable at best.