Sunday, February 7, 2016

Hillary Clinton: Her Words on the Role of Commander-in-Chief

Hillary published this article at Medium.

Supporting our veterans is a sacred responsibility.

Supporting our veterans is our solemn duty as Americans. It’s a lesson I learned from my father, who served as a Chief Petty Officer at Great Lakes Naval Station, and I’ve worked to fulfill that duty throughout my career.
As first lady, I fought for veterans suffering with what we eventually came to know as Gulf War Syndrome. As a senator on the Armed Services Committee, I worked across the aisle on behalf of our troops and veterans, including partnering with Senator John McCain to help build a new, state-of-the-art rehabilitation facility to provide treatment for seriously wounded service members returning from Iraq and Afghanistan—a cause I know you and your wife Lee have tirelessly championed, Bob.
In this campaign, I’ve proposed a comprehensive plan to support our veterans, ensuring they have access to education and good jobs, and that they get quality health care without enduring long waits. I'll work to end crises many veterans face, like homelessness and suicide. As president, here’s how I will address each of these questions.
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