Saturday, February 20, 2016

Hillary Clinton: Thank you, Nevada! This is YOUR win!


We won the Nevada caucuses. Thank you. This would not have happened without you.

I am so grateful for everything you've done to get us to this moment.

I'm on my way to Texas to officially kick off our next big push. South Carolina votes next weekend, and then on Super Tuesday, March 1st, people in more than a dozen states will vote or caucus -- and more than 800 delegates are at stake.
Chip in $5 right now to say you're with me for the next part of our fight.

More than 750,000 donors, thousands of volunteers, and millions of people are doing the unrecognized but important work of talking to friends and family about why this campaign matters. You are seen, you are heard, and I will do everything I can to make you proud.

The choice in this primary might be tough for some, because the truth is, Senator Sanders and I agree on a basic premise: Wall Street, big banks, drug companies, and the like all have too much power and influence in our country.

But it's not enough just to want to take them on. If we were to stop those special interests in their tracks tomorrow, the indifference that caused the water crisis in Flint would still exist. Women would still be getting paid less than men for the same job. Racism would still hold people back. LGBT people would still be able to get married on Saturday and fired on Monday.

Americans are right to be angry. These injustices demand action from all of us.

No one can win these fights alone -- not even the President of the United States. It has to be the mission of our entire nation.

We're going to have to work together to win this nomination, win the presidency, and then together, we'll work to break down every barrier holding Americans back from reaching their full potential.

With you on this team, we can do it. Stand with me. Chip in $5 right now:

Thank you,


This is just from me to the people on the ground in Nevada - Hillary's team and especially the people of Nevada - thank you!  We all know you are hardworking people.  I was so happy to see hotel workers in their uniforms, union members, teachers, and students, everyone from all walks out there caucusing for Hillary.   Thank you all for your hard work and for this victory which benefits all of us. And, always, thank you, Hillary, for doing this for us. It's a rough road.  We know that.  We know why you do it and we deeply appreciate your hard work.  It seems like every time I talk to you I say this over and over, but I will say it again. Thank you!