Thursday, February 18, 2016

Hillary Clinton at the MSNBC/TelemundoTown Hall in Las Vegas

The reception for Hillary at this town hall was enormous.  That is a great sign. Hillary was very passionate (in hot pink!).  She talked about getting her programs and plans in gear even during and before the general election.

I won't try to go through all the questions and answers here.  I will say that Hillary was forceful and prepared for the questions.   She always had a way to drive the ball further down the field than a simple answer to each question.  The answers each had an addendum.  She took almost every answer - maybe every answer - beyond the answer.

Her minimum wage answer was important. She said she supports a federal minimum wage and also states raising their minimum wage beyond the federal.  She also declared that social security will never be privatized on her watch,  This is immensely important.  We don't need our social security riding on the markets.

 One thing I am so glad she said: "... maybe it's that Sen. Sanders wasn't really a Democrat until he decided to run for president."  It's about time we took off the gloves on this matter. 

Hillary was surprised when it seemed to be over so quickly, and then, as usual, she was mobbed.
Conclusion?  She was on fire, fierce, and impassioned.  The audience responded very positively to her.  Terrific performance!

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