Monday, February 8, 2016

Hillary Clinton's GOTV Rally in Manchester with Bill and Chelsea Clinton

Last push efforts to get out the vote began early this morning in Manchester.

February 8, 2016

Hillary Clinton Campaign Rally in Manchester, New Hampshire

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton holds a “Get Out the Vote” rally at Manchester Community College in New Hampshire with her husband, former President Bill Clinton, and their daughter, Chelsea Clinton.
Monday, Feb 08 on C-SPAN2
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If you are a New Hampshire voter, here is something important to bear in mind.

Bill Clinton focused on Hillary's ability to get things done. Both he and Hillary spoke about her efforts to address the crisis in Flint, Michigan.  Hillary spoke about the challenges involved in renewing the infrastructure - what we can see and what is buried and invisible to the eye - and her proposal for an national infrastructure bank.

Hillary reminded the audience of her efforts to initiate CHIP and defended the ACA.  She addressed early childhood education and affordable post-secondary education.

She called for an end to Citizens United and for automatic voter registration.  Find her issues and answers here.

If you are a young person voting in New Hampshire tomorrow, you need to be aware that there are big issues beyond how you are going to pay for college. They will creep up on you faster than you can imagine. You need a president who will address the issues in your future.

You may not imagine the difficulties of parenthood, but Hillary has.  You may not imagine the struggle of dealing with your own parents' failing health, but Hillary has.  You may not yet have a child in school and dealt with the worries of gun violence on the streets, but Hillary has thought about that and has a plan.  She has developed plans and policies to ensure a safe and prosperous future beyond graduation - well beyond.

So, especially if you are very young, consider the candidate with the broad and deep experience to address what to you is unimaginable right now - the one who has a proven record of getting things done - things from which you have benefited, whether you know it or not!  It is easy to be shortsighted and grab for the bright shiny things.  It is harder to foresee.  Hillary has a vision for the future - yours.

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Those folks in the back with the signs with red across the top are the "Arkansas Travelers" who went to New Hampshire on their own dimes to help Hillary get out the vote.  Bill Clinton gave them a special shout-out.