Saturday, February 27, 2016

In South Carolina Hillary Clinton: "Make America Whole Again ... Break Down ALL the Barriers!"

Thank you, South Carolina!!!!!


Some points from her speech:
This win is for the parents and teachers of South Carolina; the entrepreneurs; for the young people; the reverend of the A.M. E. Church who asked how we can strengthen family bonds.
We don't need to make America great again. America never stopped being great, but we need to make America whole again.
We have to break down all the barriers. America isn't a single issue country.
At our best we can all rise together.
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For the record, it was this visit to which Hillary referred in her speech, and this is the reverend she encountered who was reading his bible.


Interesting to me that twice today I have heard/seen Hillary compared to Bobby Kennedy.  People are just noticing this?  It was the very first thing I ever noticed about Hillary long ago.  It was why that particular Senate seat was so appropriate for her.