Monday, February 1, 2016

Caucus Day in Iowa: Hillary Clinton Bright and Early on TV

Hillary was up before the crack of dawn in Iowa and hit the airwaves running.  We caught her first on the Today Show where the Lauer/Guthrie team spoke with her.

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The questions were the predictable ones, and Hillary is used to fielding those.  She reiterated for the umpteenth time that the email dustup is the same old interagency disagreement over classification but came down a little harder than usual on what the campaign is now designating as leaks from the IG to the GOP.

As for her campaign, she was very upbeat and optimistic with high praise for her Iowa team.  She was confident that her focus on the concerns she has heard from Iowans will prove effective tonight.

We caught her next on CNN's New Day with Alisyn Camerota.  This was a longer, more extensive, and cordial conversation.  The topics were similar, but the tone was more relaxed.

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On CNN, given more time to expand, Hillary emphasized her experience in the White House and Senate and consistently highlighted the accomplishments of the Obama years.  She underscored her ability to be the candidate who will protect and continue the progress of the past eight years.  She also cited her tenure as Secretary of State providing her with a depth of experience no other candidate can claim.   At every turn she deflected attention from the GOP attacks and refocused on the issues and concerns of the voters on the trail and her plans to address those.  That is what this election is about.

The Hillary we know finished her CNN interview by telling Alisyn, who was fighting a cold, to feel better.  The Hillary we know cares.  She cares about the individuals she meets and she cares about the community.

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