Monday, April 11, 2016

Happy Anniversary to Hillary For America!

One year ago.
Exactly one year ago tomorrow, we released this video to launch Hillary’s historic campaign for president:

Remember this?

One year later, we’re more committed than ever to the basic belief that every American deserves a president who’s fighting for you.
As we watch the Republican primary play out, it's become clear there's more at stake than we could have ever expected: women’s access to reproductive care, economic security for our families, our nation’s safety from international conflicts, and progress on critical issues like gun violence prevention and immigration reform. Any one of the candidates on the other side would take us in the wrong direction. We have to win this primary and then win this election.
One door knock, one phone call, and one donation at a time, we’ve built a truly phenomenal organization where everyone is welcome -- and we’re growing each and every day.
Take a second to watch our launch video, then get ready to keep fighting!

Watch now

Thanks -- and have a great day.
Robby Mook
Campaign Manager
Hillary for America
P.S. For 48 hours only we’re offering a limited-edition celebratory sticker, so you can show off your Team Hillary pride.