Tuesday, April 5, 2016

On Wisconsin! Polls are Open! (... and we mean OPEN!) REAL Dems - Please Go Vote for Hillary!

The Wisconsin primary is an open primary which means Independents and even Republicans can register as Democrats and vote in the Democratic primary.  Stats show that true Democrats vote heavily for Hillary, but she cannot prevail there unless the real Dems go out there and vote for her.

It’s Primary Day, Wisconsin! Retweet if you’re heading to the polls and voting for Hillary.

If you are in Wisconsin, you can help by making sure senior and disabled relatives, neighbors, and friends can get to the polls to vote.  If you need help finding your polling place, here is what you can do.
Wisconsin: Go vote today! Text WHERE to 47246 to find your polling place.

Make sure your friends in Wisconsin vote for Hillary today! Send them a message with our friend finder:

We can still make calls make sure Dem voters in the Badger State get out there and cast their ballots.

I was watching CNN and the Brookfield WI polling place has this appliance or something attached to the wall mounted on a couple of 2x4s.  I can't make out what it is.  It has an electrical cable attached to it. It looks for all the world like Hillary's logo.

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