Saturday, April 9, 2016

Hillary Clinton Campaigns in Brooklyn

Hillary brought her campaign to the borough that is home to her headquarters this evening and was a bright ray of sunshine on a damp, gray day.  She stopped off earlier at a popular cheesecake spot.

Wouldn't be a Brooklyn campaign stop without a visit to .

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She told the fotogs that they would have to clear the area after pics so that they could eat.


Nydia Velázquez introduced a radiant Hillary to the wildly enthusiastic crowd at the rally in Sunset Park.

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In other news, Morris Country NJ Dems endorsed Hillary last night.

It was pretty quiet for a caucus day.  Bernie crowed about his "win" in Wyoming. To be clear, current figures, with 22 of 23 precincts in show a 44.3%-55.7% margin allotting Bernie 7 delegates and Hillary 7 delegates.  So-ooo.... we're still getting delegates and staying ahead, and it was nowhere near the 25/75 margin they hoped to get.

Nonetheless, we must remain vigilant.  Robby Mook sent this disconcerting warning out today.  It is more important than ever that we rack up big wins on the 19th and 26th.
Bernie's campaign has a new strategy -- in states they didn’t win like Nevada and Florida, they’re flooding local conventions with volunteers to try to “steal” delegates for Bernie, overturning the will of the voters.
“Steal” isn’t my word. It’s what one of Bernie’s former top staffers said: “Volunteers mobilized to get tons of people to show up to the state convention and actually steal the day for Bernie.”
If they can’t win contests outright, they’ve decided to try and sway superdelegates and even pledged delegates to their side -- and in some states, it’s working. That means we need to bring home even BIGGER wins in New York, Pennsylvania, and more to make sure voters’ voices get heard and Hillary wins this nomination.
So let's do what we  can to keep Hillary ahead and get to the 2383!  If you are able, please donate, volunteer, make calls!

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