Monday, April 25, 2016

Hillary v. Bernie: Love ... and Blindness

Hillary's campaign released this new video and sent it out a little while ago for circulation. It's lovely, optimistic, and captures Hillary's message beautifully.

Meanwhile, with the emphasis on mean, Bernie Sanders, on Sunday morning TV yesterday, doubled down on his laissez-faire posture vis-à-vis his surrogates and their remarks. As I have said before, his campaign management style is a window into how he would run the White House and the country. The glimpse we get from the campaign trail foreshadows a White House run amok. If he doesn't know or care what his surrogates are doing in his name, Rep. Hakeem Jeffries has a memo with his name on it.
Thank you Rep. Jeffries!

This is not an acceptable  leadership style for the leader of the free world - the job for which  Senator Sanders is applying.

It is a recipe for disaster within the Democratic party, which he and his minions have recently joined and plan to remodel, as well as for the nation and the world.  I am not saying that an effective leader needs to know every single word his/her recruits utter or every step they take.  That would be silly, ineffective, and counter-productive. But when loud, clear, and inappropriate comments are brought to your attention, uncover your ears! Act!  That is what a true leader does.  Even an adequate leader does that much.

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