Thursday, April 21, 2016

Hillary Clinton's GMA Town Hall in Times Square

Hillary held a live town hall on Good Morning America today. The Coffee with the Candidates spot was occupied by the Dem frontrunner and questions came from the panel, the studio audience, a few outside locations, and from social media.

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Asked about Donald Trump's latest nickname for her, she said she is not going to respond to his personal attacks.
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Regarding Bernie Sanders, she will leave it up to him to decide what his campaign will do.Even though Bernie's supporters do not support her now she will continue to support them.  She will keep talking about her agenda.
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Speech transcripts: This is a new standard. When everybody releases theirs,  she will release hers.  Meanwhile, it is the tax returns that are the standard, and Sanders should release his.

1994 Crime bill: She pointed out that Sanders voted for that bill. She will divert people away from the criminal justice system; provide second chance opportunities; restore voting rights.

What would she say to people who don't trust her?  When she gets a job everyone says she does it well.  President Obama trusted her. Stephanopoulos asked where she thinks this comes from, and Hillary said it's a long term thing. People are fine with her and praise her when she is doing a job, but as soon as she runs for a job, they attack.

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Greatest political regret.  Iraq War vote.

Marijuana question.  She would have to study a bill before signing on but is interested in what is happening where it is legal. Recommends acquire evidence and make decisions based on that.

Pay gap: Laws permit people to be fired when they try to get information about their comparative pay.  Those need to be addressed. Young women start out in parity and the disparity grows over years.

Which Hillary came closest?  There's a little bit of truth in all of them and the history of the hairstyle is like an archeological dig.
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Learning from the skits:  She is not a natural politician and it doesn't make good TV but gets good feedback from the impressions. Loved playing Val the Bartender and may bring her back.

#TBT: 1988 GMA appearance: Was about fighting sexism and pay inequality in law practice. Is campaigning on breaking barriers - so many barriers.
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Has been using hot sauce since 1992 to boost her immune system.  Has a collection.

Bill's most annoying habit. Reading himself to sleep.  Since he's asleep bed, she has to get up and turn out his light.
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My take: The audiences at these events are politically active. That is clear. (Did I not see Jennifer McCann there?  She is everywhere!) Also, questions are screened. That's how the questions get up on the screen so quickly.  So have these people simply not been paying attention? She has answered these same questions ad infinitum and really never gets a new question.

Every audience, full of activists, comes up with the same questions. I bet Jennifer submitted a question.  I bet it was about plans for disabilities in the workplace - something like that.  Why do the producers keep pulling the same old questions out of the hat and not give Hillary a chance to answer new ones? I have a feeling there were better questions in that audience. Questions with answers a lot of voters have not heard her answer before. How the heck is Hillary supposed to explain the people who do not find her "trustworthy?"  That is a question for them, not for her. Why does that one keep coming up?  That's just me.

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