Sunday, April 10, 2016

Hillary Clinton on SOTU: Not Preparing for a Contested Convention

Hillary Clinton sat down for an interview with Jake Tapper yesterday that aired on State of the Union this morning. The questions that came up and her responses appear in the banners beneath the photos.

What is probably most striking about the past several days is how Hillary is being closely associated with the legacy of the Clinton Administration.  She revisited both her words from back then and her husband's legacy by asserting that you do not simply put a policy into practice, turn your back, and walk away.  You go back and assess the effects over time and make changes as necessary.

She pointed out that Senator Sanders regularly faults both the Clinton and the Obama Administrations without ever calling out the George W. Bush Administration. 

Hillary explained her $12 federal minimum wage floor by way of local economies.  As a person who was once responsible for payrolls in five different states, I can attest that a single salary base for the same job across the nation actually amounts to unequal pay for equal work. Hillary has long stood for equal pay and said she supports the $12 minimum but encourages a higher minimum where it can be supported, but she also pointed out that, with an eye toward economic stability, the recent increases are being phased in.

Hillary is optimistic about the progress she is making in the primaries and expects to get to the 2383 before the convention.  She steadfastly maintained that she would prefer a Sanders White House to a Trump or Cruz White House, but she does not expect a contest on the convention floor.

Bernie Sanders told Tapper that  he "is not sure what kind of president she [Hillary] would make."  Dems fightin' words, Mr. Senator!  He told George Stephanopulos on This Week a little later that he will take the fight to the convention because he brings in many more Independents.  Great!  Not sure Democrats will go for that argument.

On another note, Bernie keeps accusing the Clinton campaign of politicizing the Sandy Hook massacre. Just to be clear on that, it was the families who prevailed upon him for an apology, not Hillary's campaign.  When he held his line, family member, as voting citizens, their support to Hillary whose agenda more closely exemplifies theirs.  Just saying.  See this

And the beat goes on.

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