Friday, April 29, 2016

Hillary Clinton at the Eagle Academy Fundraiser in New York City

When news outlets pair the name Hillary Clinton with the word fundraiser in their headers, the implication is that the funds are being raised for her and for her campaign, but that is not necessarily the true story. George Clooney recently mentioned that Hillary's campaign should have made more noise about the fundraisers he and Amal organized.  Those funds were not for Hillary for America but for the Hillary Victory Fund which helps finance downballot Democrats.

This morning, Hillary attended a fundraiser once again- the annual fundraiser at the Eagle Academy which Hillary helped start. You may remember this story earlier this month about Hillary's role in supporting an academy in New York City.

Hillary does events like this quietly, without fanfare. George Clooney is right.  She does not toot her horn about many efforts she supports and for which she raises funds. So we will! 

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