Friday, April 29, 2016

Hillary Clinton on 'The Lead' with Jake Tapper

Speaking exclusively with Jake Tapper at The Lead, Hillary said she doesn't consider herself the presumptive nominee but thinks the nomination is in sight.   She emphasized several times that she is going to work together with Bernie Sanders.  She said her connection with her supporters is strong and his with his supporters is also strong.  She is confident that they will bring everyone together.  The intra-party divide is familiar and will play itself out. Everyone is invested in the campaigns. She praised Sanders for bringing people in but said eventually reality has to take over.

Re: Trump taking Sanders supporters: "We are going to be reaching out to them as well."  She pointed out the issues Trump and Sanders disagree on like the environment, equal pay, getting money out of politics and reminded Tapper that Citizens United was against her.

Hillary said she found Trump's foreign policy disturbing and lacked specifics on how things would be done.

Attacks from Trump are silly, she said.  Attacks on her are not so important.  She is more concerned about his attacks on groups like women, for example.

Has she learned anything from watching Republicans deal with him?  Hillary said she has a lot of experience dealing with attacks from men. He can continue on his "insult fest."

As for his attacks on her trade policy history hurting her with blue-collar voters, Hillary pointed out that she won Ohio and his attacks on trade deals will not get in her way.  Hillary has a track record on standing up against China and on the side of working people.  She said we don't do enough for people who are hurt by trade deals.  On the other hand, she cited a plant in Indiana where they are making Mercedes Benz cars for export to China.

She said the voters will have to determine if Trump is qualified.  She is going to lay out her own qualifications.  It never crossed her mind that she would face Trump in an election.

After the interview re-aired on Sunday’s State of the Union, CNN released the full video.

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In the aftermath to this interview, Nina Turner said, speaking "as a historian," that Hillary Clinton should beg off using "off the reservation." In Living History Hillary stated of her grandmother who raised her:  "Della Murray, was one of nine children from a family of French-Canadian, Scottish and Native American ancestry."

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