Thursday, April 7, 2016

Hillary Clinton: Super-Qualified and Super-Vetted Like NO OTHER!

When you board a plane, you go through T.S.A. screening.  When you run for president, you go through vetting. I am going to ignore Ted Cruz and John Kasich in this mix, if you can forgive that.  Of the remaining candidates, Hillary Clinton has released documents as follows and posted links to all of them on her website.
Physician's letter
Hillary Clinton 2013 speech income
President Clinton 2013 speech income
2014 tax return
2014 signature page
2013 tax return
2013 signature page
2012 tax return
2012 signature page
2011 tax return
2011 signature page
2010 tax return
2010 signature page
2009 tax return
2008 tax return
2007 tax return
In contrast, Bernie Sanders has released one year of tax returns. There is this.

Bernie Sanders’s false claim that he has released his full federal tax returns

Donald Trump, for example, has consistently refused to release his tax returns, saying it would be unwise to do so while his tax filings are under audit by the Internal Revenue Service. Trump released a letter from his tax attorneys saying the IRS is examining his tax filings since 2009, while filings between 2002 through 2008 “have been closed administratively by agreement without assessment or payment, on a net basis, of any deficiency.” There is no prohibition against making public tax returns under IRS review and the letter did not explain why at least Trump’s 2002-2008 filings have not been released.
There is one entry from 2014 available for Sanders on the Tax History Project website: a Form 1040 (a summary of his federal income tax return) and a one-page Vermont state income tax return. The campaign referred to this entry when we inquired about Sanders’s claim.
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As for Hillary Clinton's resumé, I cannot think of anyone with more pubic a record.  Neither does any candidate running have a public service record so broad, so deep, and so successful both on the domestic side and on the foreign policy side.

Bernie Sanders did say this last night in the City of Brotherly Love.

Sanders: Clinton's not qualified to be president

'Bernie Sanders, take back your words about Hillary Clinton,' her spokesman shot back.
"Now the other day, I think, Secretary Clinton appeared to be getting a little bit nervous," he began. "We have won, we have won seven out of eight of the recent primaries and caucuses. And she has been saying lately that she thinks that I am, quote unquote, not qualified to be president.
"Well let me, let me just say in response to Secretary Clinton: I don't believe that she is qualified if she is, if she is, through her super PAC, taking tens of millions of dollars in special interest funds," he said. "I don't think you are qualified if you get $15 million from Wall Street through your super PAC."
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First of all, Super PACs are not a disqualifying factor even if many wish that were not the case.  Second, there are many more aspects to qualification aside from the derivation of funds.  Finally, beyond being qualified, presidential candidates must pass the aforementioned vetting.

Hillary Clinton continually tells audiences that she will not make wild promises she cannot keep.  She will not overpromise.  Bernie Sanders makes broad , sweeping promises and cannot cite the mechanisms by which these promises become policy. In other words, he overpromises.  Much of what he plans to do - well - has no plan that he can explain.  So there's that.

Hillary Clinton has been overvetted over 40 years in the public lens.  Bernie Sanders has not been vetted at all and is hardly the party to call out Secretary Clinton on her qualifications. For that matter, neither has Donald Trump been vetted, and Sanders has said nothing about his qualifications.
This morning at Yankee Stadium, Hillary sought to douse the flames a bit.


Bernie Sanders: Hillary Clinton is not 'qualified' to be president

Theodore Schleifer, CNN
Clinton herself has never said Sanders isn't qualified to be president. When asked Wednesday on MSNBC if she thought Sanders was "ready to be president," she said: "I think he hadn't done his homework and he'd been talking for more than a year about doing things that he obviously hadn't really studied or understood, and that does raise a lot of questions."

"Really what that goes to is for voters to ask themselves can he deliver what he's talking about," she had said, referring to an extensive interview Sanders had given with the New York Daily News during which he struggled to answer policy questions related to his signature issue -- reforming Wall Street -- and other topics such as gun control and foreign policy.
"It's kind of a silly thing to say," she told reporters in New York. "But I'm going to trust the voters of New York who know me and have voted for me three times."
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Hillary brought everything back into focus in two sentences.  Yes, it is up to the voters, and it is not Bernie's call!

This is from an email this morning from the campaign.
Last night, Bernie Sanders crossed a line and said: "[Hillary] thinks I'm not quote-unquote qualified to be president. Let me just say in response, I don't believe she is qualified."
Two things:
1. I don't know why he said "quote-unquote" -- she's never said that.
2. This is a ridiculous and irresponsible attack for someone to make -- not just against the person who is almost certainly going to be the nominee of their party this November, but against someone who is one of the most qualified people to run for the presidency in the HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES.
Show Bernie Sanders there are consequences for this kind of attack. Chip in $5 and let’s go win this nomination.
So, if you can spare a few dollars (it can be $1 or $2 - everything helps), this is one way we can show Bernie that we know Hillary is the BEST candidate, is super-qualified and super-vetted and that the judgment is not up to him but up to the voters.

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