Sunday, April 17, 2016

Hillary Clinton on This Week with George Stephanopoulos

George Stephanopoulos interviewed Hillary yesterday in California for a piece that aired on This Week this morning.

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Issue 1: The Fight for 15.  Has supported the Fight for 15 and that movement has endorsed her.  Both she and Sanders support raising minimum wage and Republicans do not. Stood with Cuomo and and supported this. Re: earlier statements regarding $12 federal minimum. No big contrast.  The model is a phased in increase constantly evaluating economic conditions so there are no unintended consequences and would sign $15 if Congress passed it.  That movement stands with her.

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Issue 2:  Speech transcripts.  Concerned with the changing set of standards when it comes to her.  Her tax records:  33 years released and eight years on her website.  Has said she would release speech transcripts.  Trumps's new name for her:  She does not respond to Trump's personal attacks on her but to his attacks on others. He can say what he wants about her.  She will stay focused on the issues.

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Issue 3:  Bernie's remarks about her victories in the Deep South. Hillary doesn't know what he was talking about.  The South is part of our country and comes into play in an election.  She values every voter and is not writing off any state or region.  Wants to be president for all of America.

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Issue 4:  Is it getting harder to heal the party?  No.  She went all the way to June in 2008 and endorsed Obama, nominated him and worked to unify the party.  Will work hard to secure the nomination and earn the support of those supporting Sanders.

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Issue 5:  The right to sue state sponsors of terrorism.  She said she is not conversant on Schumer's specific bill.
Following this interview, Merrill released the following statement on Twitter, saying Clinton backs the bill:
"Hillary Clinton supports the efforts by Senator Schumer and his colleagues in the Senate to secure the ability of 9/11 families and other victims of terrorist acts to hold accountable those responsible. As president she would work with Congress to this end."
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Issue 6:  Email issue.  Has not spoken with Obama on the issue. Has not endangered national security.


Issue 7: Tuesday. Loves being in New York and working hard for a victory, but also working for Democrats up and down the ticket national, state and local.


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