Monday, April 25, 2016

Hillary Clinton's MSNBC Town Hall in Philadelphia

In Constitution Hall in Philadelphia, where she received the Liberty Medal in September 2013, Hillary Clinton participated in a town Hall this evening. Rachel Maddow moderated on MSNBC.
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Hillary began by differentiating herself from other candidates by repeating that plans are important and diagnosing the problems are not enough.
Will she get on board with Bernie's Wall St. plans?  Her Wall St. plan much more specific than his and is about reining in more than the banks.  He has not joined her.  (In the earlier town hall Bernie claimed she has not joined him in coming out against insurance companies).
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Hillary put party unity in the 2008 context and said she issued no ultimatums on the Obama camp then.  She said that is what she thinks one does.  Emphasized that she is ahead. She said she is ahead because of what she stands for and what she has done.

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Koch endorsement: She is going to stay focused on what she is doing right now and let the GOP sort out their issues.  She wants to focus on the basic American bargain: work hard and succeed.  No ranting and raving. No overpromising.
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Whenever baited to attack Bernie, she reverted to the NYDN interview where his answers were soft.
Question 1: Bringing the party together.  She is working to support Democrats up and down the ballot.
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How will she change the party?  She thinks the past two Dem presidents are good examples where she had a front row seat.  Democrats did not show up in either mid-term election.  She wants to change that.  She wants the party to get results. The party is too focused on presidential elections. The Republicans never quit working on getting majorities.  The Dems must also.
Question two: Racial discrimination especially in the work place.  We have to talk about it more, enforce the civil rights laws, use the bully pulpit, and bring people in and show them ideas that work.
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Question three: Federal minimum wage.  Why stand at $12?  She clarified that she supports $15.  Cities can move to $15 faster.  Getting to $12 from $7.25 would be enormous.  Said she has gone along with Dems in Congress who have done the research and found $12 might be doable in Congress.
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Question four: How would your administration differ from the Obama administration?  She will address women's pay, student debt, will tackle prescription drug costs, mental health and addiction, the criminal justice system, and the gun lobby.
Obama has introduced tough executive orders in past months and she will push on those and take back the Senate.  Will work with Chuck Schumer (who will be majority leader). She will make questions voting issues. Guns are a health, safety, culture issue.  She will work for voters to vote out those who support the gun lobby.

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Question five: What does it mean to her to be a feminist?  She believes women should be equal in every aspect of life.  Has long worked for that and sees that there remain inequities.  Hillary became specific about Lilly Ledbetter's case, women's pay and how that affects social security and 401 Ks. Stop social media bullying and telling girls they can't do things. (Questioner was identified as undecided and said, "I'm gonna vote for you tomorrow.  Don't worry about that.")
Will have a cabinet that looks like America. Is against family detention, private prison and detention centers and round-ups.
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Question six: How to keep jobs from going overseas.  She pointed to her jobs plan and her plan for the crumbling infrastructure. She will force payback of government loans before corporations can move overseas. Has stood with union workers who have lost jobs to unfair trade practices.  Will take actions to prevent exodus of jobs and make countries and companies pay a price.
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Question seven: Re: 1994 Crime Bill.  (We have seen Mr. Cobb, a Sanders supporter, at other town halls.  Where does he live and vote?  That should be the town hall where he gets to ask his question - not in every state.)  Will she make billion dollar investments in people whose lives were negatively impacted by the 1994 Crime Bill. She answered yes on the front end. More diversionary programs to prevent kids getting caught up in the criminal system in the first place.  On back end release low level offenders.  She wants the best programs, funded at the federal level to reintegrate them into society; wants to provide services and support.
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Last: Military experience an asset in a running mate?  Hillary answered of course and has gotten to know military leaders.  Wants as broad a set of experiences as possible.  We get better solutions with many perspectives represented.    DSCN5552 DSCN5553 DSCN5554DSCN5516

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