Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Hillary Clinton: "There's No Place Like HOME!"

Yes, it was a HUGE homer! Out of the park!  New York brought it home for Hillary tonight.  Thank you, New York!  You did it!

 Full transcript thanks to Newsweek >>>>

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Thank you, New York. You put your faith in me 16 years ago and again tonight. I'll never stop fighting for you. -H
— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) April 20, 2016

"There's no place like home!"
"We've won in every region of the country but this one's personal.  You've always have had my back and I will always have yours.  Thank all of you who came out and voted."
"We're at the homestretch and victory is in sight!"
"This is the only campaign to have won more than ten million votes."
"It is not enough to diagnose problems. You have to explain how you will actually solve the problems."
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Tonight's victory belongs to everyone who worked hard to get out the vote. Sign up now to keep the momentum going.
New York is a place to dream big—and we’re setting bold, progressive goals in this campaign. But New Yorkers also like to get things done.
Donald Trump & Ted Cruz are pushing a vision for America that's divisive & dangerous. We should be lifting people up—not tearing them down.
New Yorkers speak every language, worship every faith, and hail from every continent. Our diversity is a strength, not a weakness.
“The motto of this state is ‘Excelsior’–ever upward. So let’s go out and win this election and all rise together.”
Text CONGRATS to 47246 to tell Hillary you're with her tonight.

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Everyone who is or was anyone in New York politics and government was there! I think I even spotted the spirit of Ed Koch floating around in there!


Hillary said it tonight.  We are in the homestretch. It is time for the party to begin to coalesce.  As Hillary supporters, we are the grown-ups in the room.  It does no help to the party in the general election to call names and devise nasty attacks on the Sanders supporters.  We can call Bernie out on the issues and defend Hillary against attacks, but nothing is gained and there is everything to lose when Hillary supporters lash out with insults and obscenities.  That will hurt the party and hurt us all in the GE. So, time to tone down the memes and the rhetoric.

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