Monday, April 18, 2016

Hillary Clinton Sweeping New York Metro Area on D-Day Minus One

With the most important New York presidential primary in 40 years only a day away, Hillary Clinton is making every mile count in the metro area.

On her way in from home, this morning, she stopped in neighboring Yonkers to visit staff  at St. John's Riverside Hospital.

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Then she detoured to Queens where she met up with newly unionized employees at a car wash and lube.

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Joined by Senator Chuck Schumer, she stopped of at Queens Crossing Mall for some bubble tea, dim-sung, and selfies of course!

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Then it was on to mid-town where she was scheduled to hold a rally with Women for Hillary at the Hilton.

Hillary heads into the New York contest with strong endorsements from the New York Times, the New York Daily News, and Newsday. Looking ahead to upcoming primaries, she also earned endorsements from the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Hartford Courant, and the Providence Rhode Island Journal.

If you have friends in New York, or if you are a New Yorker with friends in other parts of the Empire State, you can encourage them to vote for Hillary!

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