Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Make a Difference for Hillary Clinton in the Next April States!

Last night, Hillary said we are in the homestretch and the nomination is in sight. We did it in New York!


Hillary appreciates everything we do!


We can help in the upcoming states too!

If you are ready to help put Hillary over the top in Pennsylvania, sign up here!

If you can help in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland or Rhode Island, sign up here.

Let’s help take Hillary over the finish line. We can do this!  Reach out!  Join Women’s Outreach to make a difference in upcoming primaries.  Here are a few ways you can help.

Make Calls to April Primary States

The final five primary states in April need our help with outreach -- do phone banking for Hillary (from home!) right here. Let's help them all win big!

Get Out the Vote & Get Out the Caucus

We have 5 more contests in April -- and we want to have a strong showing in all of them! If you're able to travel to an April state, please fill out this form and someone from the campaign will be in touch to help you coordinate your plans.

*IMPORTANT: Please note "Women for Hillary" under organizational affiliation so we're able to identify you.
Women for Hillary Engagement Tracker

Hosted a house party or event for Hillary recently? Created a Facebook page to get your state's Women for Hillary group up and running? We want to know! Please fill out this short form so we can keep track of how our women leaders are engaging their networks across the country.