Saturday, April 16, 2016

Saturday Morning Celebrity Scoreboard for Hillary Clinton

In the walk-up to the New York primary on Tuesday, celebrities loom large.  New York based filmmaker and Knicks fan, Spike Lee, has been prominently visible at Bernie Sanders events here including Thursday night's debate.  Lee's wife, however, attorney Tonya Lee, is a Hillary Clinton supporter.

While he never played for the Knicks, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is a hometown hero.  A graduate of the now-closed Power Memorial Academy, he brought high school basketball glory to the city as a student and later in the NBA. No matter where he played, he was always our New York hero.  Early today I found him trending on Twitter because of this.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: In this crucial election, I’m endorsing Hillary Clinton

April 15 

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is an author, commentator and former professional basketball player.

There is a tradition in U.S. politics of somberly proclaiming that each election is The Most Important in History. The idea, of course, is to scare people into voting for some candidate or another. This is done by describing an apocalyptic future like some sadistic camp counselor telling horror stories at bedtime with a flashlight under his chin. In making this assertion so frequently, we run the risk of sounding like the boy who cried wolf, and therefore not being taken seriously when an election comes around that really is important to American history.

As this one is.

This isn’t because we have a female candidate who may be her party’s nominee. That would be historically significant, as was electing Barack Obama as the first black president. His race and her gender inform who they are, as any person’s cultural background does, but it’s policies that maketh the politician.

And it’s policies that make me endorse Hillary Clinton for president of the United States.
Before I get into the reasons I support Clinton, let me first explain why this election really is so important.

Tonya Lee and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar are powerful presences in the New York cultural mentality.
Kareem's reasoned support of Hillary is important and also a pretty good argument to keep on file because it flies in the face of those who claim to know what the founders were thinking. The Age of Reason indeed was the midwife to the birth of this nation.  Kareem has read de Tocqueville; it's pretty clear.

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