Sunday, April 3, 2016

Hillary Clinton on Meet the Press

Hillary spoke with Chuck Todd from Wisconsin last night.  The interview aired on Meet the Press today.

Thank you, DNC, for the video!

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Items that were discussed:
Her New York ad with the anti-Trump cast:  Hillary said Trump does not represent American or New York values.
Her position on abortion:  Hillary's position on abortion is Roe v. Wade. She said she has seen all over the world what happens when governments make these decisions.
Re: The dustup-in-Westchester with the Greenpeace activist:  Hillary pointed toward her climate change record. She said the Sanders campaign is misrepresenting her record.  She rarely talks about it(so I will):  there was this and this and finally THIS after our president and secretary of state sniffed out and broke into secret meeting of China, Brazil, I think India, and a few others.
Recommended reading: Hillary Clinton’s ‘Hard Choices’ Retrospective Part Six: The Future We Want Chapter 21 Climate Change: We’re All In This Together
Sanders on paid speeches: She pointed out that her plan takes on more than the banks.
Transparency, secrecy, and the server: She repeated that it was not the best choice.  It was a mistake.  She suggested that they ask the others for their emails and said that she has put all of hers out.  She said the FBI has not reached out for an interview, she is not concerned about the tick-tock re: the convention.
The debate debate: Hillary is confident that there will be a debate. The camps are in negotiation and Sanders camp has rejected proposals.
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